Wednesday, August 11, 2010

are you hungry??

well, get in line buddy, because there are thousands-NO, millions- of people who go hungry everyday. and I've been snacking on popcorn all day. Ok, before you stop reading, let me just say that this post is not supposed to make you feel guilty. I would much rather you eat when you are hungry than starve yourself. The health police(a.k.a. shelby)would arrest you in a heartbeat. we don't want that to happen. let's get to the point.

On October 20, 2010, youth groups all over the US are giving up one meal for one day in order to (1) raise awareness of world hunger and (2) fund the giving of food to children all over the world who would otherwise be very hungry little souls. This movement is called One Meal One Day (OMOD) by Compassion International. You can find all the information about OMOD by following the first link. I'm going to talk to my youth pastor about doing this and hopefully we can! How awesome would it be to get a ton of students together and not eat?? Very awesome! However, some people would call this a mockery of the children who give up all of their meals everyday. Well, I would tell them that they haven't heard the best part yet!

Students participating in this event are asked send the money that would have payed for their "given-up" meal to Compassion International. Compassion will then use the money you send to help feed tons of children! For every $156 that is given from youth groups everywhere, 12 children will be given enough food to last them over a month, in Jesus' name!!!!! So please don't mistake this for a weird "wear no shoes day because some people don't have shoes" or something like that. (although I do like that idea) Going without a meal will hopefully show people that while we eat to have the pleasure of tasty treats and delicacies, others eat to survive. And the ones who eat to survive, don't always have enough, while we have more than that.

So please think about joining and talk to your youth pastors about this event!

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