Thursday, January 20, 2011

DIY: coat-hanger cover!

I was feeling crafty, so, this is what I did:
coat-hanger cover with scripture verses on it! whoo-hoo!

What You Need:
brown craft paper
colorful sharpies
tape (i used white masking tape, but you can use clear)
Bible verses (aka, a Bible. if you dont have one, get one. or tell me and i'll get you one!)
a wire hanger

What to Do:

1. Put the hanger at the top of the paper as shown in the pic-a-ture. (excuse my feet. craft paper has a tendency to roll up on you. they were acting as a paper weight. :)

2. Fold the top corners down over the hanger and tape them down.

3. Fold all that extra paper up over the back of the hanger. Cut off the excess so that the paper shapes around the hanger. The cut edges of the paper weren't very pretty, so I folded them a little bit under before I taped them.

4. It's all taped up, and you may think it looks a bit cheesy/cheap. That's were the decorating comes in!

5. Sharpie it up with Jesus! :)

And I happen to think it's really cute now, so.

now every time i go to get some clothes out of my closet and take them off my hanger, I'll be bombarded with Bible verses and Jesus quotes.
Oh. yes. ;)

Let me know if you make these!
Happy Thursday!

p.s.-- i don't know if i mentioned it, but my camera broke a few days ago. all the photos were taken with the webcam. how impressive!! they came out clearer than some of my camera pictures. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Great blog. Thanks for giving me a fun Read! :) Just one question, Did you use that coat hanger for your latest abortion? Best of regards.

Anonymous said...

I'm collecting coat hangers sir. I have a fine establishment in texas that is dire need of coat hangers for women.

Anonymous said...

are those women not letting you use the same coat hangers or are they collecting them as souveniers