Wednesday, January 19, 2011

100 Things I'm thankful for (and why):

 weeellll, this is a little late since i was aiming for thanksgiving (or at least christmas) of last year. but, we can just make it early for thanksgiving this year. :) one more thing i can mark off my 101 list! :)

  1. my mommy because she's my best-friend
  2. my daddy because he is a great provider and makes me laugh
  3. jordyn because we do stuff together and she is hilarious, without meaning to be
  4. brantley because he is smart when I'm not, and he's fun to play games with. plus, he's always available
  5. extended family because i have them, and they care for my family
  6. my friends because they are fun to hang out with
  7. my Jesus because he died for me, and he loves me oh so much
  8. Jesus, again, because he loves everybody, a trait i do not have
  9. my house, because it keeps rain out of my bedroom
  10. my bedroom, because it allows me to get away when I need to
  11. my kitchen utensils because they get my creative juices flowin
  12. the computer because i like it
  13. my blog, because it's another outlet for me to witness
  14. mt. dew, because it makes me happy and enjoyable to be around
  15. coffee+creamer, because its the most heavenly combination, ever
  16. water, because its so natural and no one is allergic to it
  17. vitamin D by way of milk and sun light, because I like both of those
  18. straws, just because
  19. cameras, because with them I can capture memories
  20. memories, because its fun to reminisce
  21. books, because i like to get away
  22. prayer, because i really like talking to God
  23. freedom of speech, because i like to say what i think (if its' nice) ;)
  24. the color rainbow
  25. chocolate, because it makes me warm and always calms me down
  26. makeup, because somedays i dont want to look like i just got out of bed
  27. infusium, because i wouldnt want to scare my people (trust me, you're thankful too!)
  28. walmart, because its cheap and has a huge selection of, everything
  29. grass, because its natures carpet (i came up with that on my own) and you don't have to vacuum it
  30. movies, because it helps me to unwind
  31. popcorn, because it's healthy and yummy
  32. the Bible, because it's the most interesting, challenging, and comforting love letter from my King
  33. my pastor, because he does a really good job of shepherding me, and teaching me
  34. my church, because it gives me opportunities to serve Christ
  35. my homeless friends, because they double as normal friends, and they some of the nicest, most hilarious people you'll ever meet
  36. school, because, whether i like it or not, it will make me a better person in the end
  37. chores, because through them I can help my mommy and learn new skills
  38. heaven, because I look forward to it just about everyday
  39. tweezers, because they are one of the best inventions
  40. soap, because i really like to be clean
  41. hand sanitizer, because i like to be disinfected
  42. clorox, windex, mops, brooms, and spongy pads, because I like things to be clean
  43. google, because i like to know something fast
  44. veggies, because they make you healthy.
  45. fruits, because it's God's candy
  46. fire, because it keeps you warm and draws people together
  47. laptops, because it makes blogging very convenient
  48. old things, because it makes you appreciate value
  49. onlne vintage shops, etsy, and cool bloggers/websites, because they inspire me
  50. halfway marks, because they let me know im almost to the end
  51. sunday mornings, because i get to worship with the rest of the body
  52. christmas time!, because its so warm
  53. warm jackets, because they're warm
  54. christmas carols, because they make me happy
  55. surprises,because they amuse me
  56. making things, because it distracts me
  57. giving gifts, because i like to see people smile
  58. things with sentimental value, because i like stories
  59. collectible ornaments, because they remind you of past Christmases
  60. laptops because they're convenient (oh my goodness! i did not realize i had already written this! haha oh well, it's staying. :))
  61. scarves because they keep my neck warm
  62. other peoples inspirational blogs because sometimes i want to read instead of write
  63. missionary blogs because they encourage me to love people
  64. knowing God is in control of every situation and that he holds everything together
  65. anthrpologie because, since everything is so expensive, it remains a lovely thing to dream about, and that's exactly how it should be :)
  66. oil burners/candles because it smells sooo yummy
  67. watcharapol, because he's like a pen-pal, except for we tell him about Jesus!
  68. my g-parents because they really do spoil me and love me
  69. the dog because he provides laughter on even the yuckiest days, even though he smells
  70. the radio because i like its variety (can you tell im having a hard time coming up with these??)
  71. people that comment on my blog/email me/send me messages on FB.
  72. christian books that encourage/teach/convict me
  73. christian fiction romance novels because i like to think i can live in two realities! :)
  74. doors, thank you Jesus for doors
  75. my creativey-ness because it makes my room all pretty
  76. paint because who doesn't like paint??
  77. the trashman because without him my yard/house would stink
  78. doctors because they can fix me
  79. the braces i had a few years back because now my teeth are straight and shiny!
  80. fingernail polish because, if it's sparkly, it's like a part-ay on your nails!
  81. cars because they get me from A to B
  82. my daddy's wonderful math skills because i nnnnnneeeeeeeddddd them
  83. chapstick because my lips are hurting right now
  84. melatonin because it helps me sleep
  85. gardens because they are so pretty to look at
  86. stars because they came out of the mouth of God
  87. bycicles because they provide exercise and fun!
  88. pictures because it's fun to look back
  89. deodorant because without it we'd all be stankin!
  90. snail mail! i just love it!
  91. 365 day Bible reading plans because sometimes I just don't know what to read!
  92. everything that God has provided that is necessary to keep my alive
  93. electricity because without it i couldn't use a blowdryer and that would be baddddd
  94. running water because God didn't have to bless me with it, but now i can take a hot shower whenever i want
  95. sharpies because i like permanent things :)
  96. honesty because it shows me you have integrity
  97. integrity ;) because it shows me you have morals
  98. Love because it's everlasting from the father
  99. flowers brighten up any room and you can put them in your hair!
  100. Bible verses that tell me I have a plan for my life to do a certain thing God has called me to do.

ok! that was fun! some of those were, obviously, more heart-felt than others, but it's hard coming up with 100 things you're thankful for! you try!
really, please try. then come back and comment with a link so i can read what you're thankful for. are we thankful for some of the same things? ;)
happy wednesday everyone, i love you and am thankful for you all. :)

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