Saturday, January 29, 2011

i feel like uncle cracker.

hello lovelies. :)

today is my much-looked-forward-to saturday since yesterday when I found out Brantley's b-ball game was canceled! whoo-hoo! I know, it sounds a bit wrong to be excited that he doesn't get to play anymore, but the game was in Georgia. No more 4 hour drive! :) now you understand.
Not much has been going on around here, but you may have recalled in one of my last posts that I went to the doctor and that we'd 'talk about it later'. Well, it's later. I won't get into detail (because I would bore you) but I had blood work done to see if I had a thyroid problem, which is very prevalent in my family (thanks mom!) ;). Thank you JESUS the blood work came back negative for any thyroid cancer/ hypothyroidism. The bad part?? Well, the only thing left to explain my symptoms is hypoglycemia. I have to take the 4-hr glucose test (if you've ever been prego, you know what this is) to see if that is what it is. I am NOT looking forward to it. I plan to take it monday morning, so please remember me in your prayers if you will that day! :)
Just wanted to get that cleared up.
And I'm still being persistent and bold in my prayers for my friend.
Aaaannnndd, if any of you saw yesterday's post, then you know I felt hor.ri.ble. I was sick. With what, I have no idea. But it's gone now, and I'm hungrier than ever! (I lost my lunch. sorry if thats disgusting which it is.) :)
And now for some linky-love:

i would do this if I had the supplies (or a car to go get the supplies) (or a license) ;)
love this tank-dress, via unruly things
best DIY ever!
it's fun to look at people having fun sometimes (im not a stalker, am i??)
id wrap all my presents with this!
love this simple, bridal belt. yes, belt
cute photo collection
i have a shirt just like this weed!
im going to wear more stripes
more cutey stripes  :)
funny (read, please.)
the most beautiful treasury ive ever see. so soft and pink.
and the perfect print for today.

If the weather is perfect where you are, like it is here (65 F) go outside and play! I will. :)
Have a great saturday everyone!
what are your plans for today??

i love you all!

In your strength I can crush any army (or tummy ache); with my God I can scale any wall.
Psalm 29
(i added the tummy part.) ;)

(photo credit: here)

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