Saturday, February 19, 2011

have a warm weekend!

hello lovlies. :)
i hope your weekend has been great so far! mine has!
I had softball practice this morning, and tomorrow I've got a birthday party and the fundraiser for my youth!
So, what are your plans??

and just for your entertainment:

i just want to sleep here one night. pleeeaaase!
let's dance??
some of the cutest family pictures you'll ever see! (p.s. she's a christian!)
i love her name, but the dress it super cute too (the belt makes it)
uuuuuhhhhh, yes!
this one's my favorite, but this one is $1000 cheaper!
wistful treasury.

i hope you have a great weekend! i love you all. :)

(photo credit: cupofjo)

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