Friday, February 11, 2011


well, it's almost spring, and with it comes new clothing lines. sigh. good sigh.

new anthro wedding line, called BHLDN (pronounced "beholden")
find out more about it here, here, and here.
i wont be getting married for a few years at least, but im still excited. its ok to dream, right??

spring 2011 collection for d a c e.
yeah, i entered their contest, and didn't win. that means i'll never buy anything from them. but i still like to look!

now, forever 21 is something i can afford...on occasion....if im feeling splurgy. ;)
gosh, their clothes are ca-yute.

and by now, most people have seen the spring 2011 collection for j crew. i like the yellow and green outfits best. :)
p.s.-- you want to know how to get that super cute/messy side ponytail?? check it out here.

cute spring looks.
yes, im willing the warm weather to get here.

happy friday! :)
i love you all!

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