Monday, February 14, 2011

you are loved.

so loved.
yes, you.
you who doesn't feel very loved right now. you who has no self-confidence. you who doesn't believe me right now.
but don't take my word for it. take His.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him, will not die, but have eternal life.

i read that yesterday and it's such a common verse. (i even typed it from memory just now) i mean, who doesn't know this verse?? it's everwhere! it's JOHN 3:16! everywhere, even under timmy's eyes during a football game.
so why did it have such an impact on me yesterday and today? because it's truth and it's alive and it will never die. because God loves you.
God loves you.
say those three words to yourself really, really slowly. while you're saying them to yourself, do what i do. i like to watch movies, and i understand things better when i can see them. im a visual learner. while you say those words, think about what Jesus looked like on the cross. let it be like a movie in your mind. think about the blood that dripped from his wounds. the relief on his face when he said, "It is finished." think about what he was thinking. think about it and repeat it over and over until this overwhelming feeling washes over and you almost have to catch your breath because you feel so undeserving.
then say, "eternal life."
say it over and over again until a smile breaks across you face. because you realize, "OH MY GOSH!" eternal life with God. God, people.
oh my gosh.

did you do it??
i know some of you did. i have chills right now just thinking of the fact that some of you are feeling the same love that i'm feeling right now.
from God.


please know this, tonight, before you go to sleep, before you dream, before you think of the stress tomorrow holds. know this. you can know this. it's truth. it's alive. it's overwhelming.
we're undeserving.
God loves you.

do you believe Him now??

listen to the Psalmist's plea. listen to what your heart is telling God.

"Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in you alone." Psalm 34:22

unfailing love.
surround us, God.
is in you.

God. Loves. You.

my favorite part is at 6:35. but PLEASE, listen to the whole song. this band is so annointed.

i hope you know you are loved tonight.
i also love you. :)
happy valentine's day!
happy monday!

p.s.-- my glucose test went very well, you must have been praying... ;) i'll get the results tomorrow! i love you all!

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