Thursday, February 17, 2011

about me?? haha.

I was just checking out my facebook profile earlier, you know, to see what other people see if they stalk your facebook. Unless you don't stalk other people's facebook....not that I do either... ;)
Anyway! I came upon a note of 25 Things About Me that I wrote on Feb 18, 2009. Tomorrow, it will be 2 years since I've written that note (gosh, how long have I been on facebook??), and as I read it, I realized just how different I am now! It's crazy, although some things are the same. So, I thought I'd share the original note with you, and then revise it, a whopping 2 years years later. :)

25 Things About Me (Feb. 18, 2009)

1. I LOVE to cook

2. My favorite color is ORANGE!!!
3. I think about the future ALOT!!!!
4. I want LOTS of kids!! Maybe 10 or so!!
5. I'm not a people person. I could do well with just my family ( or be alone) if I had to!!
6. My dream job is to be a mommy and a wife!!
7. I like gardening and getting my hands dirty in the soil!!!
8. My favorite flower is a daisy!!!
9. I'm a healthy eater!!! No carbonated drinks for me!
10. I like exercising with Cyndi on Tuesdays and Thursdays!! Hahahaha!!
11. I like Army/ people who put bad people in jail TV shows like NCIS!!!! Hahaha!!
12. I've just realized here lately, that I enjoy taking pictures!!!
13. I'm very oblivious to inside jokes!!!
14. Academics is not my strong point!!
15. I will NEVER EVER EVER move out of Alabama or any further than Coaling, Tuscaloosa!!! ( I would love to move back there!!)
16. I'm not good at speaking stories!! I get all jumbled up and somehow fall away from the point I was trying to make!!! hahahaha!!!
17. I think I lied in the title of this list!! You probably don't want to know this!! hahaha!!!
18. I love the summer!! I strongly dislike the winter!!!!!!!
19. I have never been "under the knife!!!!" (as in surgery!!!)
20. I like painting
21. I like brightly colored things on my walls!! ( my walls are ORANGE by the way)
22. This list just keeps getting longer and longer!! Anywho... I LOVE Hersheys chocolate!! that is about the only un-healthy thing i will willingly eat!!!!!!
23. I'm proud to be an American and proud to say my Daddy fights for this country!!!!!!!
24. I'm a country music fanatic!! Ask me any song!! I'll tell you the artist!!!!
25. I'm never leaving the country now that I've seen the movie Taken!!!

(im scratching my head thinking, "why did no one tell me I was so strange??" although, im probably still strange. or even more so) :)

and now the revised version (Feb 17, 1011):

  1. I love to write. It's my favorite hobby!
  2. my favorite color is "blushy pink" :) remember??
  3. I do think about the future, but not as much. I think as I've gotten older, I've realized the importance of keeping your head in reality! So far, God's only given me the present, and this is where I should be.
  4. hahahhahahaha! this one makes me laugh! I DO still want lots of kids! But I feel like God has laid it on my heart to, one day, foster children, which means that they (more or less than 10) may not all be in the house at the same time. When I said I wanted 10 or more, I was really wanting a busy life-style and a full house where I could create a system to run our life and be really organized. does that make sense?? ;) probably not.  I just want whatever God gives me!
  5. this one remains the same. although, i've met people since then that i think i will be friends with for a while. maybe. hopefully. :) im still working on the, "as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another" thing. :)
  6. my dream job is to be whatever God wants me to be to the best of my abilities. plain and simple, whether that be mommy and a wife, just a wife, or an astronaut! (Oh, God, please; NOT an astronaut!). ;)
  7. i do still love gardening, but i dont do it as much as i used to. i think i spend a lot/most of my extra time reading or writing.
  8. oooooohhhhh, i debate over this one all the time in my head. one day it's a tulip. another day it's a daisy. Today, I like snap dragons. Can I just say that I love Botany, and let that be that??
  9. hm. im not as healthy of an eater as i used to be. but i think thats ok. im only young once, and while my metabolism's still high, i'll enjoy carbonated drinks! :) although, i am careful to not over-indulge or to just eat whenever i feel like it. i dont want to make bad habits now, and then carry them into my life later. i have to be in good shape to preach the Gospel! :)
  10. i love exercising. but cyn and i are both too busy for every tuesday and thursday now. :)
  11. i still love NCIS! but i also love: 19 Kids and Counting, American Idol, Lie to Me, and House. And, of course, movies!
  12. i still enjoy taking pictures!
  13. im not even going to revise this one, because I don't even know why i said it in the first place. it's not something important you should know about me!
  14. im getting better!! i try, really i do. :)
  15. ha. yeah, well, God's got other plans. Maybe in NYC, San Diego, the Appalachians, or Chicago. you know, maybe. :)
  16. i........ well, no comment. (see #13)
  17. no comment
  18. still love summer! and I'm so excited that it's finally getting warm around here! :)
  19. since i wrote this, 2 years ago, I have had my wisdom teeth taken out. and that counts as surgery. :(
  20. mmmmmm, not so much.
  21. i like natural and earthy tones, but still happy. i really like white.
  22. yes! i still love hershey's chocolate!
  23. daddy's still in the Guard, and is actuall being deployed to Afganistan soon. that's really different. it's requiring a lot of trust in God right now.
  24. still love country music, but also hymns and Hillsong!
  25. i'll probably leave the country sometime, on a missions trip or something. who knows... :)

wow, so a lot of things are different. :) if you want to know even more about me, you can go here!

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