Saturday, March 19, 2011

pick it up.

I've been reading a lot of cool things in Matthew lately (have you????)!  One chapter I have LOVED is chapter 10. One of the really cool things in that chapters, among many, is verse 38:

If you refuse to take up your cross and follow me, you are not worthy of being mine. Matt. 10:38

well, my goodness. how much more blunt could he be??
but I've always wondered what "picking up your cross" meant. I'm still not completely sure, and I'm still praying about it because I really want to understand this fully.
But, the commentary of my Bible says this:

To take up your cross and follow Jesus means to be willing to publicly identify with him, to experience certain opposition, and to be willing to face even suffering and death for his sake.

I guess that makes sense. But I'm trying to think of "picking up your cross" like this (bear with me on my thinking process here) :

I think of Jesus when he was carrying the cross. I think of what the cross meant for him. It meant fulfilling centuries-old prophecies. It meant taking on the sins of the world. It was his burden, so-to-speak. So, the cross was what he was supposed or meant to do. He may not have exactly wanted to follow through with the Crucifixion at certain times, but he still carried on. Since I am a Christian, I am supposed to or meant to be Christ to this world.  I may not always want to be Christ-like because it's hard sometimes, but I still carry on because I know that what's at the end of this journey is rewarding.
Sometimes being Christ-like, or "going against the grain" because of your faith, can be burdensome.
But we have to remember that no burden is bigger than the one he carried through the streets headed to Calvary while he was spit on and made fun of. No burden.

So we must pick up our burdens, and continue on. In front of everyone, while they possibly mock us and abuse us. While they persecute us.

The cross must be picked up. Don't let it fall.

If you do not pick up your cross, if you do not claim Jesus Christ in front of your friends, than you are not worthy of being his.

Like I said, I'm still praying about this, and asking that he will reveal even more to me through this verse. But I'm really glad I read this and got what I did out of it. It's so important that I don't pick and choose the times I want to be Christ-like. I have to pick up my cross daily, in front of everyone.

Anyway! I went to Oak Mountain today to hike with Jordyn, Josh, and Anthony! We had a BLAST! I'll post pictures soon! :)

I hope you had a great Saturday!
I love you all!

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