Tuesday, March 15, 2011


yes, i am blogging at 2 in the morning. but it's only because i've had a lot of coffee and a LOT of mt. dew today.
that was a mistake.
but! I went dress shopping today and found my formal dress! I'm so excited! I'll post a picture soon, so stay tuned... :)

on a cooler note (like a "God" cooler note) He answered me! He did! Remember when I prayed, and asked God to show me specifically how to help Japan, so they could know Christ?? Well, he showed me what to do, and it wasnt what I was expecting. I was thinking I could start some kind of prayer chain or group on FB. But my answer was in Lamentations, and is as follows:

So it is good to wait quietly for salvation from the Lord.
Lam. 3:26

How cool is that?? VERY!

And now a question for you:
Anybody know of any really good Bible studies out there?? And not the ones specifically for teenage girls. I want the ones that teach you how to grow in God, and focus more on the relationship with Him
If you have any suggestions, please comment!!

 And happy first day of Spring Break! A lot of people I know are going on vacation or to the beach, but I'm staying home. :) I plan on working (babysitting & cleaning), going to softball practices, tanning, and sleeping in! not too bad, right?? I'm just thankful I get a week off. A break is definitely what we need!
-what are you doing for spring break?!?!

I love you all!
I pray you are sleeping well right now, while I am wiiiiiide awake. ;)

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