Thursday, May 26, 2011

He is here.

hello, loves.
i feel like it's been ages seen we've talked. but it's really only been a couple of days..... :)

i just wanted to tell y'all that i may not post for a couple of days. i'm not going on a "fast", necessarily, but i just need to take some time and hang out with God for a while, ya know??

and i've got a favor to ask...will y'all be praying for me, please??
please ask God to tell me what to pray and how to pray it.
please ask him to take away my confusion.
please ask him to grow my faith.

i know it sounds a little bit strange, and i hate that i can't go into detail! but it would mean so much to me if you went to the Father on my behalf.
I really need people to pray for me right now.

ok, sorry for that... :0
i'd now like to leave you (only for a little while) with some of the lyrics of my friends new song:

"Even in the darkness there is Light.
Even in the damage,  there is Hope and new Life.
Even in the pain. and the brokenness and tears,
You are here.

Things happen that we don't understand.
Everything we have could slip out of hands."

But there is Light, Life, and Hope.
He is here.

thanks for praying, y'all. :)

i love you!

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