Monday, May 23, 2011

you are here

not here.

it's the name of a song, silly!

You Are Here is the new song from my friend's band, Redletter Affair.

The song is all about how God still remains, even after great devastation. They wrote this song specifically in reference to the tornadoes that hit Tuscaloosa, AL, on 4/27/11.

The best part is that ALL the money they make off of this new song will go to relief efforts for tornado survivors and tornado clean-up! yay! :)

So go buy their song on iTunes for $.99!
Type in "Redletter Affair" in the searchbox, and it will be the only thing that pops up. :)

For more Redletter Affair info, head over here, here, here, or here.

+ they sell mementos! :)

have a great monday! :)

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