Thursday, May 5, 2011

speaking of prayer

hello, blog friends! How convenient that it's Prayer day, and I have a SERIOUS prayer request:

My sister, Jordyn, had to be taken to the emergency room around 12:30pm today because of severe abdominal pain. She was vomiting and feeling like she was going to pass out (thankfully she didn't!). She had an episode like this a few years ago, and we know the reason; however I can't give out too much info on here... :)
So, she's still at the hospital and about to get a CT scan done to see what's wrong. Please pray for her today! She needs it, and I KNOW our Father is faithful!

Sorry this is short with not much detail, but you get the just of it-- PRAY, please! :)
I love you all!
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: She's home! They figured out the problem, and all is well now. :) Thank y'all so much for praying! Keep praying, but I trust my Father!

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