Sunday, June 5, 2011

summer plans


hello, loves. :)

i do believe summer has arrived, and is making its presence very known here in the south. :)
well, i'm excited!

and, you know, i was thinking how i've been slacking on doing some things on my 101 list.
so, i've decided to make a summer list of some of the things on my big list!

here's the summer list:

#5- go on a real picnic
#11- plant a fruit tree in my backyard
#22- go to the grand ole opry
#33- get my divers license (july 16!!)
#52- shop at a farmer's market
#87- tie a note to a balloon and let it go
#93- have fruit for breakfast everyday for a week
#95- send a message in a bottle
#97- plant an herb garden

i can't wait to get started!!

other plans for my summer include a beach with my sister and grandparents, church camp to PCB, and my nashville trip!

what are your plans for this summer?!?!

i love you all!
happy sunday!

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