Wednesday, June 1, 2011

such a sunny day

via: a friend of mine

hello, lovelies. :)
i hope your week has been great so far. mine has been filled with animated Bible stories and little giggles. :)
it's VBS week at Capstone, and it's been so much fun!

today after VBS, we went to a friends house to swim, which was great because it was SO hot outside today!

i'm not sure if i mentioned it or not, but my family and i have been praying for a little girl we've become acquainted with who doesn't have the best home life. she's 3, and for the longest time, we had just been praying for her without ever meeting her.

but a couple of months ago, mom got to babysit her at the church. when mom came home, she showed us pictures of the little girl, and told us how precious she was!

well, today, i got to finally meet her! and i fell in love with her sweetness immediately. she has a huge smile and beautiful blond hair.
she came swimming with us too, after VBS, and that's when I really got to spend time with her.
she wanted to play ring-around-the-rosie ALL THE TIME! she pretended to wash my hair, and she let me catch her when she jumped from the edge of the pool.
i just love her innocent personality, and sweet nature.

it makes me sad, though, to think she may not be getting sufficient attention and love at home. i just wanted to take her home!

she reminded me so much of how i want to foster kids when i get married. there are so many kids that aren't loved and played with out there. there are so many kids who feel abandoned and worthless.

i don't know if this little girl understands now how unfortunate her situation is, but i can't help but think that someday she will.
and that's when she'll need hope and love and Jesus.

i want to foster kids so that they can hear about Jesus. i know i might have to give them back one day, and i know it'll be hard to get them to trust me sometimes.

but i know that nothing is impossible with my God, and he loves all the little children.

so, i'll be praying for that little girl. i get to see her again tomorrow at VBS, and i can't wait!

i hope you all have a great rest-of -the-week!

love y'all!

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