Saturday, July 2, 2011

a description of faith, please

hello! i'm just laying in my bed, reading from first timothy, and something stood out to me that i wanted to share with y'all.

in verses3-4 of chapter 1, paul talks to timothy about why he left him in ephesus while he went to macedonia. he did so so that timothy could stop the bickering going on among believers, and non-believers, about myths and spiritual pedegrees, and how it all leads to meaningless speculation.

basically he's saying that the believers are wasting their time arguing about "fluff" when it isn't an actual salvation issue.

then paul says that none of that helps people live a life of faith in God.

so that is our goal?
sometimes, if you're like me, you try and sum up your reason for living as a Christian. that's pretty hard to do since it's like putting salvation in a nutshell, and salvation has many different aspects. it's hard to do.

but paul says it so simply. he says that if it doesn't help you live a life of faith in God, it's meaningless.

so that's what i'm doing.
i'm here, my job, is to live a life of faith in God. in doing that, i let God work through me and i act like the christian i should be everyday.
but how do you live by faith? what does that look like?? espesially with so many things within our reach now-a-days. there's not much i can't get from the grocery store, about 3 miles from my house, so how do i rely on God to give me the things i need and not the store??

i know, my dilima is probably stupid and weird-sounding, but i really want to know what 21st century faith looks like if you're not under any kind threat of major christian persecution and everything is at your fingertips!

ok, i need to just pray about this.

so, good night!
i love you all!

if you have any thoughts on this, i'd love to hear them!

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