Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a summer day

hello, dearies. :)
i went on a picnic today, with my friend abigail! :)

we had pasta salad,


and yummy sandwiches that i forgot to take a picture of. :) whoops!

it was really fun! we exchanged postcards and souvenirs we had gotten each other from all of the vacationing and traveling we've done this summer, talked about God, and laughed.
it was nice.
i was just excited that I finally got to go on a picnic! it's another thing i can mark off of my 101.

speaking of my 101, i completed a few other things too!

-I've started my own library with these books:
Dark Star
Full Tilt

-I've made mason jar lamps

-I've made a friend from another country! Her name is Anne, and she's from Kenya!

-I've learned how to ballroom dance, with Tayler!

-I've gone barefoot for a whole day!

- and I've gotten a camera!

well, i hope you all have had a good tuesday!
i love you all!


p.s.-- i drove myself to the picnic, and the whole time i was thinking: "I am too young to be doing this!" I don't feel sixteen!

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