Sunday, August 28, 2011

and i'm more than blessed

hello, dear readers, if you even still read anymore. :)

it's been a busy week. but this weekend, God has refilled my cup, and energized/excited me for another week of school, work, living.... And he did it, like only He could.

Something that He's been working with me on is doing everything as Jesus would do it. I have written on my wall right now, WWJD. What Would Jesus Do??
I used to think that was cheesy. I hated all the shirts and bracelets that had WWJD on them. Don't ask me why....I just did. I thought they were goofy looking. ;)
But He's used it to change my whole view on living. I have it running through my head all the time, what would Jesus do in this situation, that I can't do anything without first thinking about whether or not Jesus himself would endorse it, partake of it, look at it, listen to it, enjoy it, laugh at it, and so on.
I, along with another friend, have challenged ourselves to ask WWJD before making any decision, taking any important, or everyday, action. It's proven to be a little hard, I'll admit. Because sometimes I don't know what Jesus would do if he were a 16 year-old girl. But He's getting me through it, like only He can.

And He's been revealing to me my purpose. I'm being shown why I'm here and what I'm supposed to be doing. He's telling me to live for His glory. In doing that, I am living the very best way that I can, because it was the way I was designed by God to live. I am learning about the ethics of Christ, his characteristics, and habits. It's wonderful getting to know my Father this way.

I just wish I could blog about it more often! Oh well. It makes these moments all the more special I guess. :)

I'll talk to y'all again soon! Remember His love! Remember how he lived His life.

p.s.-- I quit Pinterest the other day, but I feel like it is ok for me to look at things that are recipe/DIY related only. I've gone through everyone I follow, and now I only follow boards that are DIY/crafty or foody/recipes! just thought I'd let y'all know....

p.p.s-- i saw The Help today with some friends! SO GOOD! everyone should go see it!!

let now the poor, stand and confess
that my portion is Him
and I'm more than blessed.

let now our hearts burn with a flame
a fire consuming all for your Son's, Holy Name
and with the heavens we declare,
You are our King.

We love You Lord.


Anthony said...

I'm still reading!!! This post is so good. It challenged me anyway... It is really a challenge to live life like Christ all the time. Emphasis on ALL the time. I'm certainly not there yet. BUT... I am now encouraged to do better. Thanks for writing. You da bomb! :)

Shelby Grace said...

yay! it's so exciting to hear that!! we miss you around here anthony! :)