Saturday, September 24, 2011

DIY: apple-y candle

hello, loves!
it's the day-after the first day of fall! yay!

and to start off our fall.....i made an apple-y candle-y thing. :)

i got the idea from pinterest, and it didn't come out exactly like i had planned....but it was, what I call, a DIY "quickey", as in, i didn't spend a whole lot of time on it, just whipped it up real quick-like. :)

i just got a candle,

cut out a hole in an apple the size of the candle,
(this is where i should have cut the hole less deep, that way the wax could drip over the apple, and not into it as much...)

and put the candle inside!

and it's so pretty, sitting and smelling all apple-y :)

let me know if you make these!

i hope everyone is having a great weekend. i'm watching the Bama game with my mom and a friend. Brantley, Daddy, and Jordyn are all at the game! If you're watching Arkansas @ Bama, lookout for them! :)

Tomorrow, the plan is for all five of us to head out to the hunting club after church and "shoot".


why?? because Brantley wants us all to bond over an afternoon of family "shooting".
this will be's kind of nervous.....

happy saturday!
i love you all!

p.s.-- i got a new letter from Watch today! :)

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