Tuesday, November 1, 2011

countdown to turkey day!

hello, loves! :)

i got this idea from a friend on FB.... it's 24 days till Thanksgiving so I will post everyday about something I'm thankful for!

BUT, I'm going to post about what I'm thankful for each day using each letter of the alphabet.
This will complete #80, slightly varied, on my 101 list! yay! i'll just do Y and Z in the same post....

So, I'll begin with A:
I'm thankful for many things that begin with the letter A. Things like anthropologie, amazima ministries, and, of course, apples. :)

but i'm most thankful for alters.
times, places, people, memories, that bring me to my knees in awe of God the Father.
i've talked about alters before, and their importance in our Spiritual walk. Alters strengthen our trust in God and bring blessing.
Think about your alters. remember times when you were so intimate with God. When the Holy Spirit convicted you. When God revealed part of his plan for your life to you. When He answered a prayer. When you witnessed the work of his hands and felt his presence.
Those are alters.
I'm thankful for alters.
When i think about them, I feel like i'm immediately transported to the throne room of Heaven, where God and i smile and sip some kind of holy coffee drink and talk about times where we defeated human nature and intimately came together as Father and daughter.

think about your alters.
comment with your alters! let us all be blessed by them!

happy tuesday, friends!


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