Wednesday, November 9, 2011

closer to christmas...

dear goodness me! it's been so long since i've written.

you can thank Comcast's failed internet services.
but, that's in the past., now.

how has your week been?? i hope it's gone well!
mine has. brantley had his first basketball game on monday! and i got to see my grandmother on tuesday. score! ;)

but, before i forget, here are the 8 things (C-J) i'm thankful for, to make up for the lost days:

C- I'm thankful for creamer. that goes in my coffee. I would say i'm most thankful for coffee, but without the creamer, i wouldn't drink it. so, hooray creamer!

D- I'm thankful for dreams. especially the ones from God. the ones where he uses people and thoughts from the previous day to show you something really cool in your subconscious...

E- I'm thankful for eternity. Eternity with God. I get so excited when i think about it. 

F- I'm thankful for family. sosososososososo thankful for my family. It's not enough to say, "I love them." It's cool to see how smart God was in putting me with the brother, sister, mom, and daddy that i have.

G- I'm thankful for grace. Grace that covers my sins, where when God looks at me, he doesn't see me. He sees Jesus. And because I've taken on Jesus, he accepts me as his child. One of his own. 

I- I'm thankful for the internet. at times, i felt so guilty for being upset when it wouldn't work.
i mean its just the internet!
there are SO many other important things to think about!
so, I'm really thankful for this blessing. I pray i use it to God's glory.

J- I'm thankful for the Justness of God. God's been teaching me that, while forgiveness, mercy, and compassion are extraordinary quality traits of His, His justice and Holiness are just as important. We don't have a pushover God. He hates sin. He hates my sin. He wants me to hate my sin.

good, we got that out of the way. time for confession:

i am not perfect. i have had a hard time making time for the Word lately. and when I'm in the Word, I'm not totally focused.
that is robbing God of His time.
I have to make some adjustments. so, please pray for me.

also, please pray for my mom. Her hip isn't healing properly, and she's getting ancy just sitting around all day.

well, i hope you all have a great day!
stay dry on this rainy Wednesday.

p.s.-- i just love this time of year. i love it because i love Christmas, and it is finally socially acceptable to sing along to Jingle-Bells.


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Abel Jesse said...

Hey Shelby
I just wanted to let you know that I have this friend named Jesse Lasley who writes short stories and poetry.
He's got talent serious talent. In case you want to check his blog out here's his link.

P.S. I liked your short story- 'Once a mother' Good job.