Sunday, November 13, 2011

hard times

hello, dear friends.

i am extemely tired. and i have a bad headache.

but i wanted to pop-in and ask for your prayers.

remember this post from a few days ago?? it was about how i was thankful for breaking hearts because

"Through those doorways God is opening up ways of fellowship with His Son. Most of us collapse at the first grip of pain. We sit down at the door of God’s purpose and enter a slow death through self-pity. And all the so-called Christian sympathy of others helps us to our deathbed.
But God will not.
He comes with the grip of the pierced hand of His Son, as if to say, “Enter into fellowship with Me; arise and shine.” If God can accomplish His purposes in this world through a broken heart, then why not thank Him for breaking yours?""

Well, I am now having to read my own writing, grit my teeth, and put it into practice when it is a heck-of-a-lot easier to just crawl in my bed and cry/sleep.

This is not easy. I do not want this saddness. I do not want this hurt.

But I am crying out to God Almighty, that he would give me the strength to arise and shine.

I will draw near to God. I know he will be faithful to me, and to my family.

His love endures forever. His love conquers all. His love casts out all fear. His love endures through every circumstance.

Praise the Father that there is one steady and reliable constant in my life, and He is IT.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd pray for me and my family.
I love you all!
Happy almost-Thanksgiving!

p.s.-- this things I'm thankful for: (K-N)

K- K is a hard letter. I guess the Knowledge I have of Christ.

L- Love. Love, as in God's love. As in the spilled red blood of Christ that washes away the stains of my sins.

M- My Mother. Her strength amazes me and allows me to see clearly the hand of God at work.

N- N is a hard letter too. Maybe Nutella. :)

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