Monday, December 12, 2011

more than a feeling

hello, dear lovies. :)

i just wanted to remind you all (but mostly myself) that God never leaves.

lately i haven't been feeling God. i haven't been feeling much of his presence, much of his peace, much of his nearness.
but just because i can't feel him, doesn't mean he isn't here.
Scripture says he will never leave me.
Scripture doesn't say that it'll never feel like he's left me.

i think sometimes God lets us feel like he's not as near to us so that, in those times, we can truly live by faith. i think we should treat these times as gifts and opportunities to "flex" and "test" our faith in him.

Since I haven't been feeling his presence very much, I have to be honest: i haven't been feeling much like reading the Word or praying. and some nights, i haven't.

but that makes SO much sense! when we don't feel God, we think he has moved away from us, even though he hasn't. so, in reality, no one has moved; neither you nor Him.
But as we begin to feel lonely, we stop reading the Word, stop praying, and, as a result, WE move.

how awful. how terribly awful.
what we could treat as a blessing and gift from God, we treat as a punishment or attack from the evil one (which it could be, but for our purposes tonight, it's not.) :)

so, continue to read the Word. Even if you don't feel God speaking through it, He IS. Scripture does NOT return void.
also, continue to pray. just because you don't feel him near, doesn't mean he cares less about your burdens, problems, or praises.


i love you all!


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