Monday, December 12, 2011

meet Nabwire Rose

hello, loves. here's the post where you get to meet my sweet new sponsor child....

i'm so blessed to introduce to you, Nabwire Rose, from Uganda, Africa.

She is eleven years old (same age as Watch!) and is in Top Class (???). If anyone who sponsors through Amazima also could explain that to me, I'd appreciate it! :)
She likes English and Reading and fetching water.

I looked up the meaning of her name: Nabwire means "born during night-fall". :)

She drew me a picture (which i will upload soon!) of a cat, and other things, so i plan to send her a picture of my cat. i think she'll like that. :)

i am so excited to begin this friendship with her! the best part is that everytime i think about writing her or making things for her, i want to do the same for Watch! they help me to love both of them, even though they've never met! how cool!

please feel free and welcome to join me in praying for sweet Nabwire Rose and Watch. God has great plans for them! I cannot wait to see their growth in the Lord!

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