Sunday, December 11, 2011

my life in pictures

well, hey there strangers. :)

so so so so so sorry i've been neglecting you and the blog. i've been busy.

but, actually, i haven't been too busy to blog. i just really haven't felt like it. it's been a boring few weeks since i've talked to you. haha :)

i hope you all had a great Thanksgiving though! mine was good. i got to spend time with my friends and family. :)

And the night of Thanksgiving, me, my sister, and four of our friends stayed up all night waiting in lines at different stores so that we could get free giftcards, on-sale boots, and $1.99 Veggie Tale movies. But we played games and made new friends to pass the time. When we got home, we crashed. Hard.
What fun! :)

A few days later, it was (officially) time to celebrate Christmas!
I, however, had been listening to Christmas music since before Thanksgiving....I just couldn't help myself. :)
And, yes. The christmas tree is in the middle of our living room. We meant to put it there. We're trying something new this year.

then came Brantley's birthday, "Annie-Accidents", and the Missions Banquet at church with mi amiga Kimber!
(In that order)

she knocked over the nativity scene.

And finally we come to today, which has been a long, but fun day. This afternoon I went shopping with some friends, finally got my second sponsor child's info packet in the mail (yes!!!! more info coming SOON), went to my cousins choir performance, and ate dinner at Wings U with mi padres (parents) y hermano (brother). Mom and Dad got the philly cheesteak pizza: cheese wizz, tomatoes, and steak on a pizza?!?!
you can't go wrong. it was amazing.

Plus I've been keeping very busy with school. I just didn't think you'd really want to see a picture of my chemistry or geometry book..... :)

sorry if i sound dull or boring, too. i feel dull and boring right now. but, it's also midnight, and i'm very tired.

i'm ohsohappy to be back, writing out my life and the amazing things that God has been doing in it. thank you for sticking around. :)

i love you all!
merry christmas!

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