Thursday, March 22, 2012


hi, dearies!
look, i'm writing two days in a row! ;)

i've been able to get some things done off of my 101 list, so i thought i'd share it with you!

-20. Pay for a stranger's meal at a restaurant.
This one happened on February 27th. I was getting Taco Casa to-go, and I really felt the Lord prompting me to pay for the person's meal behind me. This wasn't just an "I feel generous" kind of day, either. I really felt like this was something God wanted me to do. I looked behind me and saw that she was a tad over-weight, and I automatically felt myself panic, I'll admit it. She's gonna order 20 tacos and enchiladas and a super-size drink; i don't think i can afford that! That's what I was thinking. But God was still urging me to do it, so I did.
All she ordered was a sweet tea, not super-sized.
I felt so tiny after that.
Lesson learned.

-44. Collect 101 postcards.
I've got 44 now!

okay, so i guess that's it. i thought i had been way more productive than that. oh well!

i did change some of the things on the list though. I made this list over a year ago, and some things i don't really want to do anymore. haha, so i'm modifying it as i go. :)

21. (changed to) donate blood
24. (changed to) go sky-diving, once i'm 18
35. (changed to) go to Israel
36. (changed to) go to Maine
58. (changed to) complete an entire coloring book
59. (changed to) memorize an entire Psalm
61. (changed to) run/walk a 5K
66. (changed to) watch a meteor shower
71. (changed to) get a passport
79. (changed to) start collecting flowers from the places i visit, and keep them pressed in a book
101. (changed to) host a fancy dinner party

well, there you go!

i hope you all stay dry on this rainy day and that, wherever you are, you make your way to the nearest movie theater to watch The Hunger Games at some point this weekend! :)

Also coming out in theaters tomorrow is October Baby, a movie about the precious-ness of life! Go watch and thank God for this message being told all across the country!

I hope you all have a happy Thursday!
love you!

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