Tuesday, April 16, 2013

contentment is trust

How to find the joy?

Learn to give the thanks.

How to be genuine in giving the thanks?

Learn to trust.

Isn't it the root of it all? Lack of trust? Unfortunately, yes. Oh yes.
And why don't I trust? Hasn't He always provided the manna, the life-giving bread that leaves me full, satisfied, not wanting anything?
But the manna isn't always tasty, soft, easily swallowed. It's crispy sometimes, a little burnt, not so sweet.

Is that manna still what satisfies me? keeps me living? provides the life?

Yes, but it doesn't always feel that way. And so I begin the longing for other manna, more pleasant manna.

And Jesus whispers, "Don't forget that all manna comes from me. Tasty or not, easy or hard, it's all still manna. I'm still providing the life, every stage of it."

Mmmm, bitter-sweet Truth.

So let's give thanks for all the manna, because Jesus has always been faithful to provide it, to care for us like his treasured little sheep. And doesn't that make you thankful?

And when we can find the thanks in all the manna, we will find the joy. We will. How can we not? Can we not remember the most important manna, the manna that was nailed in the veins and crushed in the skull with the thorns that the manna created himself? Is that manna not enough to satisfy for eternity?
It is. It always is.

All other manna is blessing manna. The
tasty manna, the crunchy manna.

After all, it's not even about the manna. It's about manna-maker, manna-giver.
It's about the good Jesus, the Best Friend, the Bride-Groom, the Lover, the Sacrificial Manna.

The Bread of Life.

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