Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY: mug cozy!

yes, im getting around to it, almost a month after Christmas. don't hate, people. :)
here we go, DIY #1: Mug Cozy

my inspiration came from the web, but the tutorial I found did NOT work. My tutorial won't be much better (I didn't take many pictures), but at least you know it worked for me, and, therefore, will [maybe] work for you. ;)

What you need:
3 pieces of coordinating felt (mine were purple, yellow, and  froggy printed)
embroider thread that goes with the piece of felt that will be on the top
2 buttons
a needle

What to Do:

1. Measure the circumference of the part of the cup you want the cozy to go around. My cozy went around the largest part of the mug.

2. Measure a piece of felt about 1in.-1 1/2 in. shorter in length than the measurement you took in step 1 x 3in. Mine was 11in. x 3in.
Cut out the felt and pin the sides.

4. Sew the pieces together however you like. I didn't sew the edges, but rather the middle with a cute pattern.

5. Now it's time to sew on the buttons. Sew your two buttons on one of the ends of the pieces of felt (that should be sewn together by now). There is probably a really efficient way to sew buttons onto something and I know that my sewing machine has a special gadget to do so, but I sewed it on myself, with no rhyme or reason. You can too. :)

6. (This is where I REALLY wish I would've taken pictures!!)  On the other end of the piece of felt, sew two loopholes for the buttons to go in. Now, remember, there is a 1 in - 1 1/2 in. gap in between the ends, so you need to make sure the loophole is big enough to reach the button on the other side. (I wish I would have used some sort of stretchy string instead of embroider string because, over time, it stretches and doesn't hold up the buttons anymore.) This will more-than-likely take many tries, but eventually, you'll get the right lengths for both loopholes. :)
the finished product of those confusing directions??

Hello! ta-da!
those froggies are so cute! This was Jordyn's gift, along with some perfume she liked. Let me know if you make this! (that is, if your brave enough to try it with my crappy directions. :)

and while going through old photos (old, like within the last 10 months) i happened upon pictures of Dotty! you all remember Dotty, right??
this is her, dead, in a fishy net
more to come!

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